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Tips on how to catch bigger carp. Learn what baits are getting the baits. Tips on how to catch them monster on the top. The best ways to catch carp on the whiffy cat meat plus more more great tips that will have you catching more carp. Take Me There Now

Maggot Baits

A general guide on what baits are most likely to catch what breed of fish, and the best ways to fish your hook bait. Tips on how to mix ground baits and the total carp attack. Take Me There Now

Where To Fish Where To Fish

Here we will include some never before featured venues, along with some of your old favourites. So whatever type of fishing you perfer there is hopefully something in here for you. A lot of the pleasure in fishing is the Anticipation, so why not try somewhere different this year, even if it means travelling just a bit farther afield. Who knows what you will catch. Take Me There Now

Fishing Videos

We have put together a collection of great fishing videos for you to watch, we are sure that you will learn some great tips from them. We are always adding new videos to this section of the site so be sure to check back here with us soon. Take Me There Now

Redmire legends Carp

The thing to remember when fishing is keep it simple and you will catch more fish.

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