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This has been for many years one of the angler's top bait from canals to river's bread has put many fish on the bankside, The simple bread bait can be fished in so many ways. A great way to fish bread in the summer for carp is a method called floating bread, Your bread just floats on top of the water and the carp take it from of the surface. This is a action packed moment once the carp takes the bait so make sure that you have tackled up correct, this is no place for light lines. You can use this method both on the pole and the rod and line. Many top canal angler's use bread as there main bait, but the use a tool called a bread punch which come in many different sizes depending on the stamp of fish that they wish to catch, many breed of fish have fell to the power of bread. Why is bread such a good bait well that is easy to answer just think about the last time you went fishing at a park pool or river and you will remember seeing a nice family walking around and then yes they start feeding the ducks kids just love to feed the ducks and swans and all the bits that they miss the fish suck up. So bread is  good starting point if you have never fished a venue before. Some angler's even use bread as a ground bait tench and carp love it but also bream and roach will come in and get in on the action.

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