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Cat Meat

How To Prepare The Cat Meat  Slop

To prepare catmeat slop simply push the lot through a fine mesh riddle. It canthen be fed into the swim using a Catmeatsmall fox toss pot or pole cup attached to the end of the pole's top-three section. The beauty of this is that you can be 100 per cent accurate. The slop, once in the water, creates a lovely oily, greasy cloud of smell and attraction, but with nothing solid for the carp to feed on apart from the hookbait. The thing to avoid when using slop is not to use it in water that is deeper than three foot as the cloud Tin Of Catmeatwill disperse to wide and the tactic will lose its effectiveness. "When it comes to using the slop, always have a tub of water next to you because if you don't wash your fingers after handling it, catmeat gets everywhere"

Step 1 Empty a whole tin of catmeat on to a fine mesh riddle.

Step 2 Push all the contents through the mesh.

Step 3 Lots of it sticks to the bottom of the riddle, so just wipe it into a bait tub.

Step 4 The finished product is fine, oily meaty goo that fish adore

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