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Drayton Clattercote Boddington Naseby

Day permits and match booking available at all four venue for 2008 and 2009, For full details and information pack Telephone 01908 302556. For an update on how each venue is fishing telephone:
Drayton 07889 532563
Boddington 07740 532563
Clattercote 07740 534891 or 01295 270796
Naseby 07904 493417
For 24 hour information 0113 2816895

Clattercote is just off the A423 near Claydon
Boddington is just off the A361 near Byfield
Drayton is just off the A361 just after Daventry
Naseby is just off the A14 junction 1

Canal Fishing
For full details of club lengths including water available for rental, telephone 01908 302556

Gone Fishing

The Fisher Mans Dream Catch

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