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How To Drill  A Pellet

This sounds simple? But there's a wrong way and a right way to drill hard pellets if you don't want to end up with broken baits.

Step 1 Use as thin a drill bit as you can find. The thicker the drill bit, the more likely the bait is to split

Step 2 Another trick is to hold the bit over a flame to further reduce chances of the bait splitting

Step 3 Like wood, pellets have a grain. Always drill across the grain. It splits with grain

Step 4 It's easy to find the grain directions. If pellets split, drill the other way through the pellet

Step 5 You need a clean central hole that's not big, so that the hair-stop doesn't pull through

Step 6 However, the shape of the hair-stop like these clever Nash Pest Off Bait Locks are far more secure

Step 7 Pest Offs wedge into the drilled hole and the shoulders won't pull through the pellet 

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