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MaggotsMaggots are the best all around bait that any angler could have in their bait tub, maggots can be fish in many ways and can be added to groundbait. All breeds of fish with accept the humble maggot. Double maggot can be a great bait for catching bream, tench and carp. With the recent rise in popularity of baits like luncheon meat, sweetcorn, pellet and paste at commercial fisheries the humble maggot has apparently had it's day. Well many angler's are taking them selfs back to the days when commercial fisheries were just opening and the only bait in every angler's coolMaggots bag would be a gallon of maggots. The most common way to hook the maggot is just to place the maggot between your thumb and forefinger and just nip the smallest piece of skin with the hook make sure that the maggot does not burst open as if this does happen you will have to re-hook another. If the fish are being a little shy then you can try this, roll the maggot down the hook and the shank so the just a little bit of the hook point is just showing. Some angler's even bunch a group of maggots on the hook and get some great results. Like i said maggots has to be the Maggots On The Hookbest all round bait and is the cheapest, maggots will work on just about every venue, commercial fisheries, rivers and canals. Nothing give me more pleasure than getting up early in the morning with a pint of maggots heading off to the local commercial fisheries, the great thing about fishing you never know what you will catch next. After a 5 hours session and you are just about to empty your keepnet (that if the venue allows nets), you will not understand why angler's are not using maggots more.


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