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How To Fish With Sweetcorn

SweetcornOne of the best, and the easiest to use all-round bait on commercial pools and rivers is sweetcorn. The vivid yellow colour make this high visibility bait attractive to carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, chub, dace and barbel - even perch have been caught on it. Tinned sweetcorn is cheap supermarket  own brands are normally far cheaperthan the speciality 'fishing' versions easy to throw in a carryall or rucksack, and doesn't go off. Try to but the ring-pull cans they're far easier and safer to open than using tin openers. Inside the individual kernels of corn vary greatly in size and shapes, depending on how they've been cut by the processing machine. Many experienced anglers choose the 'perfect' size and shape for their hookbaits. Most corn is cut at the bottom, but some kernels are still sealed. The kernels that have been chopped off at the base release far more flavor from the inner corn into the water than those that are completely encased in their leathery outer jackets. When fishing corn try to use a wide gape hook as this will increase your chances of hooking any fish that grabs the bait. Hooking corn is easy but it often helps if you can bury the hook shank inside the bait, that way fish can't feel the metal as much whenn they mouth the bait. You can fish the sweetcorn with the 'cut' end either up or down but you'll get a firmer hook hold with the cut end facing downwards and the hookpoint anchored in two points of the tough outer skin, rather than in just one when it's presented the other way up. One trick to presentb a lightweight hookbait that flitters throught the water is to squeeze all the inner solids out of grain of corn and just hook the tough, outer skin

How To Hook Corn Correctly

Step 1 Put the hookpoint through the open 'cut' end of the kernel and twist it round so that the point emerges through the side

Step 2 With the hookpoint showing this is the correct hooking and fine when pole fishing. But if you're on a waggler hook it the other way round so that the outer skin grips the hook in two places and won't fly off on the cast

Step 3 As an alternative presentation squeeze out the inner solids and hook the remaining skin

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