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White Feed Pellets

Common sense tells you that white pellets will be seen more easily by the fish then a dark brown pellet in the deeper water where it can get quite dark. So here is the all new way to turn your pellets white.

Step 1 Tip three large (200ml) pole cup loads of 2mm or 4mm pellets into a bait tub and cover them in water for 10 seconds.

Step 2 Drain off all the water, the pellet will have softened and swelled slightly

Step 3 Tip the damp pellets in a plastic bag

Step 4 Add two heaped teaspoons of Sensa Tracix dye. Available in tackle shops, it costs 2.65 for A 100g tub

Step 5 Squirt a glug of flavour into the bag. 

Step 6 Blow air into the bag, Twist it shut and shake to coat every pellet in the dye/flavour. Leave the pellet overnight. The sticky white gunge keys into the pellet

Hint - Hook Pellets 

If you keep your feed pellets the standard brown, and you slightly bigger hook pellets and follow the above instructions to turn them white, you have a 98% more chance of the fish taking the hook bait

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