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When fishing with live worms we as anglers need to accomplish two things. 1) presenting the live worm in a natural manner and 2) Being as Efficient as possible while fishing. If we can accomplish these two things worm fishing becomes much more effective than simply digging a worm out of a Styrofoam container, "threading" it onto a hook, and calling it worm fishing. So how do we accomplish the two things mentioned above? We'll just take them one at a time.

Presenting a Live Worm Naturally - The only way to present a live worm in a natural manner and still have it Wormsbe effective is through the use of gang hooks. You see, gang hooks enable the angler to present a live worm in an outstretched manner, the way God intended, rather than "threaded" onto a single hook like some sort of worm ball. Gang Hooks are two small hooks tied in tandem, thus enabling the angler to present their live worm naturally. This method , when coupled with a small barrel swivel and split shot sinkers, is absolutely deadly in the flowing waters of rivers and streams. Presenting your live worms in a natural manner results in many more bites. The bottom line is that gang hooks should be employed when live worm fishing, whether you tie them yourself or buy them ready to fish makes little difference, what's important is that you being using them.

Being As Efficient As Possible - Being as efficient as possible when fishing with live worms is important simply because the more time that you spend with your line in the water the better. When you're spending time digging through a Styrofoam container looking for worms to bait Wormsup with, you're not being efficient. The way to remedy this problem and become much more efficient is through the use of a bait bag. A Bait Bag is simply a small bag that hangs from your belt, fishing vest, or shirt that carries your live worms. In other words, you buy worms as you normally would, transfer them into the bait bag before going fishing, and leave the container that the worms were purchased in with your vehicle. This way your worms are literally at your fingertips waiting to be used. Using a bait bag enable you to spend more time with your line in the water (where it should be), rather than looking for your worm container.

These worm fishing tips will simply make you a better angler, there's no doubt about it. Just because you've fished with worms one way for what seems like forever, remember there are better and more efficient way of doing it.

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