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Bloodwrom And Joker

Bloodworm and JokerMany anglers are under the impression that fishing bloodworm and joker is a complex art, practised only by a handful of top anglers across the country. The thing with worm and joker fishing is that too many anglers over complicate the method, believing that it requires ultra fine rigs and intricate shotting patterns, when really it isn’t like that at all. Essentially, any angler who can fish pellet well on commercials shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever with this style of fishing.

Many Commercial fisheries have placed a ban on fishing these baits, bloodworm can be found in 99% of fisheries and rivers as it is a natural bait. Most Cannal angler's use Bloodwormbloodworm and joker as it sorts out the stamp of fish, in saying that bloodworm can temp most fish even carp, bream, tench a nice bunch of bloodworm on the hook works magic. Joker also works well in groundbait as well

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