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Where To Fish.

Where To FishThe where to fish guide, here you will find some great place to fish and fill you keepnet. Most angler's tend to fish a the same pools as they have a general idea of just how to fish it, some are just stuck in their oldf ways. So we have come up with this guide to help you break your old habits. We keep finding new pools and rivers that we add to our list. 

Holme's Farm Fishery

Drayton Clattercote Boddington Naseby

Packington Somers Fishery

Marston Trussell Lake

Pool House Farm

Desborough & Rothwell Angling Club

Furnace Mill Fishery

Foxholes Fisheries

Denford Broadwater

Lakeside View - Syresham

Toft Fishery

Glebe Meadow Fishery


Gone Fishing

The Fisher Mans Dream Catch

Carp Web


Improve Your Coarse Fishing