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Flavouring Dog Mixer Biscuits

Step 1 Half fill a large freezer bag with dry dog mixerPredigree Dog Mixer Biscuits biscuits. I use Pedigree Chum but 'own brand' supermarket varieties (like tesco premium mixers) are also good

Step 2 Add liquid flavour to the dry mixers, i use two teaspoons of Jonh Baker cream caramel or Nash Scopex. Shake the bag to coat each biscuit in flavor

Step 3 Add one-third of a mug of hot water to the bag(make sure it has no holes in it!), blow air into it and shake the contents. The water and flavor soak the biscuits' surface

Step 4 Leave the mixers to suck up the water for at least three hours but preferably overnight. The hard plain mixer will become rubbery and flavour boosted

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